Amper SRL.

AMPER was founded in July 1992 in the city of La Paz, with the objective of providing energy solutions through quality products and services. Over time it expanded its operations by opening a regional office in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, United States and now in Ecuador,

Over the years AMPER has grown in its product offering, also in the experience of knowing the client and satisfying not only the clients' requirements, it goes further, providing technical advice that ensures its success and growth. We have worked for the best institutions in Bolivia with the provision of quality products and services. The diversity of products allowed the company to be recognized in the market as a prestigious company providing true energy solutions.

We are exclusive representatives for Bolivia of important companies worldwide: DEHN (Germany), CSB (Taiwan), EATON POWERWARE (USA), STULZ (Germany), NOJA POWER (Australia)

The technical staff is trained abroad, in specific factories for the products we represent, thus providing greater confidence and security in each job.x


Leading the national market with a sustainable development of reliability, innovation and customer satisfaction.x


Offer quality products by providing an efficient after sales service, avoiding delays or problems that affect the productivity of our customers.x

Medium Voltage and Power Distribution Unit

Currently the consumption of electricity has increased dramatically along with growth in construction, urban planning and technology. These factors require the expansion and optimization of Medium Voltage distribution networks in order to supply energy in a safe, reliable manner and with the minimum of interruption time. AMPER has focused its research and development efforts through: The Medium Voltage and Energy Distribution Unit (UMTyDE) specifically, in the provision of solutions in protection, measurement, optimization and automation to provide intelligence distributed throughout the power and distribution lines. We are exclusive distributors of recognized world brands such as Noja Power, Icet, Legrand, ABB, Baur, Elettrocolombo for Bolivia and we have installed bases in important public and private companies within the national territory, positioning ourselves as the leaders in the MT sector.
Investigating, innovating and advising with modern and increasingly efficient solutions are part of our objectives, keeping AMPER at the forefront of the technical offers proposed to the current electricity market.
In this unit we also take care of the structured and standardized sizing of the electrical installations made by AMPER, through the use of software dedicated to electrical calculation based on National and International standards.
Amper S.R.L. has complementary solutions to medium voltage and we hope that in our product portfolio you will find the solution tailored to your needs, we are always willing to advise you on all stages of your project.

Infrastructure Unit for Data Centers and AC / DC Systems

We provide comprehensive, complete and efficient solutions to all types of requirements, from the conditioning of small computer rooms to the design and provision of complete solutions for large data centers. All with the due support of a company that has been in the market for more than 27 years, with a staff of engineers with extensive experience, 24-hour post-sale support, we have equipment in stock, spare parts on hand and specialized service with technical personnel. factory trained.
In precision air conditioning, AMPER has the exclusive representation of the entire Stulz line in Germany, we have all the factory support, both in the design and in the installation of German high-tech equipment. Stulz not only offers solutions for data centers, it also has specialized equipment for applications in telecommunications, industry, laboratories and hospitals.
The infrastructure of your data center requires having cabinets designed and built to cover all needs. We present our line of Rack servers where we have practical and aesthetic models, which have doors designed to optimize the air flow through the rack.

Generators and Protective Equipment Unit

AMPER S.R.L. has a unit specialized in providing comprehensive and efficient solutions for the backup and supply of electrical energy through the Generating Sets, with an engineering department to perform the calculation, sizing and design for any type of project, from a generator set standard to special projects such as Low Voltage and Medium Voltage gas power generation plants.
It has factory-trained technical personnel to provide quality after-sales support and support, as well as a large stock of Generating Sets ranging from 20KVA onwards and an important stock of spare parts to offer immediate maintenance.

Protection and Drive Unit

The AMPER Protection and Drive Unit was created as a specialized division for the low voltage electrical sector, with the aim of providing the best and most reliable solutions to our users.
With leading brands in the world market, a highly qualified support team, and all the experience acquired, we provide a final product of high value and quality, maintaining the high standards of the company and the AMPER brand.
We work hand in hand with our best strategic partners: ABB, Legrand, Socomec, Dehn, and we are present in the main market segments: Industry in general, infrastructure, communication.
In our unit, we specialize in two large areas:
Protections: From the provision of equipment to turnkey solutions, we apply the best protection elements, safeguarding the most important thing: your electrical installation.
We use the best brands and equipment: From protection and maneuvering elements to ABB and Legrand cabinets, Dehn arresters, Socomec monitoring systems.
Drives: Oriented specifically to the Industrial sector, we apply the latest technological trend to your processes with the sole objective of energy efficiency, intervening from the correct sizing of equipment to the implementation of electric motors and their start-up and control methods with frequency inverters. ABB.
We are known for seeking to provide continuous improvements to your projects, making a difference, raising standards.

Power Quality Products Distribution Unit

Critical loads require high availability and quality of supply, for this type of requirement Amper has a wide range of solutions to support uninterrupted power both in AC alternating current systems and in DC direct current systems. We provide complete solutions from the identification of requirements, custom design, provision and installation of equipment, all with the due after-sales support, which includes provision of spare parts and specialized service with technical personnel trained in the factory.

Quality Policies Amper S.R.L. Santa Cruz

We are a company with a long history at a local and national level in the commercialization and provision of services in electrical solutions, which leads us to know the needs of the sector. For this, AMPER always decides to go further, since we not only satisfy the expectations of our clients and interested parties, but we also provide technical advice that ensures their success and growth; Therefore, in an effort to ensure the quality of our processes, it establishes this quality policy as a reference for the establishment of quality objectives. AMPER complies with the requirements established in the ISO 9001: 2015 Standard, in accordance with its Quality Management System and is committed to:
• Not only satisfying the requirements of our clients and interested parties, but also always seeking to exceed their expectations through timely and quality service, to ensure sustainable growth and permanence in the market.
• Comply with all legal and regulatory requirements pertinent to our sector.
• Seek continuous improvement of our services and processes through the optimization of times and resources of our Quality Management System, based on the ISO 9001 Standard.
• Continuously strengthen the skills of our organization's personnel, in order to ensure a quality service, according to the level of our clients and interested parties.


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